Has Suu Kyi learned the lesson? | 2017-11-15 | daily-sun.com

Has Suu Kyi learned the lesson?

    14th November, 2017 10:55:13 printer

Aung San Suu Kyi, once globally acclaimed as a democracy idol in Myanmar, has begun earning hatred for her role in the crime against humanity perpetrated on a section of her fellow countrymen. She has isolated herself from those who once were by her side. She not only kept quite when thousands of the Rohingya people were butchered by her blood thirsty demons in the army, she was actually a part of the heinous design that led to murders, rapes and forceful eviction of the Muslim minority. Over the period since the army crackdown on the Rohingyas at the fag end of August, pressure on Suu Kyi from almost all corners of the globe mounted but she preferred remaining tight lipped and refrained from any sort of action to stop the genocide.


It must be clear to Suu Kyi by now that she is completely isolated from the outside world. Even people have started withdrawing their names from lists that contain her name. Suu Kyi and Live Aid supremo Bob Geldof held the prestigious honour Freedom of the City of Dublin. But Geldof now considers it shameful to be in the same list with this lady who he termed as ‘an accomplice of murder, complicit in ethnic cleansing and a handmaiden to genocide’. Geldof feels ashamed for Suu Kyi’s association with the city of Dublin. Who wants to share honour with someone guilty of mass killings? An honour at times becomes dishonour. Geldof therefore returned the award in a protest against the Myanmar leader. He also demanded that Suu Kyi hand back her Nobel Prize and that she should appear at the Hague tribunals, obviously to face the charge of genocide.


Geldof’s return of the award is not the only disgraceful event for Suu Kyi. It is fresh in everyone’s memory that the Oxford College where she studied pulled down her portrait from public display following global criticism for her role in Rakhine genocide. However, Suu Kyi can recuperate a part of her lost glory if she shuns the path of duplicity and works sincerely for the hassle-free repatriation of her citizens now living in Bangladesh.