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Want to smell like fried chicken?

    13th November, 2017 11:58:56 printer

Want to smell like fried chicken?

Ever dream of immersing yourself in a giant tub of used KFC cooking oil that would leave you smelling like your favourite fried chicken? Well, thanks to this fried drumstick-shaped bath bomb, now you can.


KFC recently teamed up with Japanese novelty retailer Village Vanguard to create one of its most outrageous products yet – bath salts shaped like a cooked drumstick that makes your bathtub look and smell like one of the fast food restaurant’s vats of used frying oil, and leaves you smelling like fried chicken after a bath. Who would want to reek of KFC chicken, you ask? Well, the fast food chain is really popular in Japan, and we all know how much they love crazy things over there, so the unusual bath bomb is practically a guaranteed hit.



Believe it or not, KFC and Village Vanguard really put a lot of effort into this unique novelty item. Not only is it shaped and coloured like an actual fried drumstick – tin foil holder and all – but it actually looks like it’s frying when dropped into your bathtub.


As soon as it makes contact with warm water, the drumstick starts to dissolve, with the tiny carbon dioxide bubbles creating the illusion of frying. The water also turns an orange-red colour, like used oil, and the air is filled with the smell of KFC’s secret mix of “spices and herbs”.


Unfortunately, the honour of smelling good-enough-to-eat is only reserved to a lucky few. Instead of making the drumstick bath bombs available to everyone, KFC is only offering them to 100 lucky fans, through a raffle hosted on its Japanese website. Participants must like the KFC account on Twitter and share a specific tweet to be entered in the raffle. The campaign runs from November 1st through the 15th.


While most us will probably never get to feel what it’s like to bathe in a tub of KFC scented water and step out clean yet reeking of fried chicken, we at least have some photos to help us imagine what it must be like.


Interestingly, this is not KFC’s first novelty product. In the past, the fast food giant has released a fried chicken-flavoured nail polish and a fried chicken-themed fashion line, among others.