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4 ways to remove hair from ear lobe smartly

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4 ways to remove hair from ear lobe smartly



The most common type of ear hair is the one that grows out from the edge of the ear canal and excess of it can result in infection of the hair follicle which can be painful so get rid of all these unwanted hairs smartly.


Outline some ways of getting rid of unwanted ear hair.


* Trimming: A battery operated light weight trimmer with a skin guard can be used twice or thrice a week depending on the growth of the hair. Also avoid using sharp scissors as any cuts can lead to permanent scars.


* Hair removal creams: Even though using depilatory creams seems like an easier option it can lead to itching and can make the treated areas highly sensitive. Also there’s a risk of pushing the cream deep into your ear canals which can potentially damage the sensitive skin inside.


* Tweezers: This method of hair removal is very time consuming and can be very painful. Also there’s a risk of damaging your hair follicle which can lead to infection.


* Laser hair removal: The laser hair removal device destroys the hair follicle without damaging the skin. Before the procedure the hair is shaved using a razor followed by application of a cold gel. The laser hand piece is them placed directly above the ear followed by the emission of a laser shot which is generally painless depending on the laser used. It needs to be done once a month and typically requires 6 to 8 treatment sessions for the hair to disappear.


An interesting fact to note is that this works only on black pigment hair, so if you’ve grey or white hair you will not be able to laser them away. Its a quick service and requires just 15 minutes to do the procedure. Use sun protection post laser.


Source: IANS