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Spirulina: Five incredible health benefits

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Spirulina: Five incredible health benefits


Spirulina, the blue-green algae, is today listed among world’s superfoods owing to its many health benefits. Spirulina is found in pristine freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers.


“Spirulina is one of the richest natural sources of protein and a complete food for the body. It contains essential fatty acids along with vitamins and minerals that offer health benefits to practically every organ and bodily function,” says health and wellness expert Dolly Kumar.


Following are the five incredible health benefits of spirulina, according to the expert who is the founder and director, GAIA.



Keeps eyes Healthy


Spirulina is rich in Vitamin A, making it an exceptionally excellent supplement for those looking to improve their eye health.  To those looking to improve their eye health, eating carrots has long been recommended. But spirulina actually has ten times the vitamin A of carrots. Spirulina contains around 10 times the beta carotene content than that of carrots, which beta carotene was actually named after. Thus, spirulina helps protect the cornea which is essential for having good vision



Strengthens Immunity


Your immune system is vital when it comes to the body’s ability to fight off illness and diseases. Your immune system also helps in case of physical injuries like cuts occur. One of the major health benefits of spirulina is that it helps bolster the immune system. It contains potent nutrients known as polysaccharides which are widely regarded to be a powerful immune system booster, assisting in the prevention of a wide variety of maladies.



Speeds up Weight Loss


Spirulina is high in protein and less on calories. Taking spirulina regularly is ideal for building muscle or low-carb diets due to its high-protein content. Spirulina contains up to 70 per cent protein as well as all eight essential amino acids. Regular consumption of spirulina provides you with daily nutritional needs, without adding much calories. Furthermore, Spirulina is also a powerful appetite suppressant and taken over time will reduce your body weight.



Boots Energy

Spirulina contains abundance of proteins and antioxidants that invigorate the body in a variety of ways. Spirulina benefits energy levels and is a much healthier choice.  It includes Vitamins B1, B2, & B6 which help boost energy by actively helping the body convert carbs into glucose. Spirulina also contains biotin and vitamin E, which is helpful for energy.


Helps in Natural Body Detox


Spirulina contains chlorophyll which is used for ‘detoxification’ by helping remove toxins such as heavy metals and other pollutants from the blood. Drink spirulina juice or pop a spirulina capsule or two a day and help your body to detox.