Toxic chemicals found in Fuska, Jhalmuri | 2017-11-05 |

Toxic chemicals found in Fuska, Jhalmuri

Tarik Hasan Shahriar     5th November, 2017 12:38:43 printer

Toxic chemicals found in Fuska, Jhalmuri

Toxic chemicals have been found in some street foods such as Fuska, Jhalmuri, pickle and Vel Puri.


These food-items are locally made and sold in front of academic buildings and shopping malls or on busy street corners in the capital.


Street vendors sell these mouth-watering food items moving from one place to another in the capital, which are contaminated with harmful chemicals.


A study of the Institute of Public Health titled ‘Monitoring and evaluation of horticulture products and other food commodities for chemical contamination and microbiological at NFSS: An appraisal of food safety survey in Bangladesh second round’ revealed this information on Saturday


As per the report of the study, 46 Jhalmuri samples were collected from 46 schools in the capital. And 100 percent of the samples were   contaminated with artificial colour, coliform bacteria, yeast mold and salmonila bacteria.


Contacted, Chief Scientist at Centre for Advanced Research and Sciences under Dhaka University Dr Latiful Bari told the daily sun, “We have helped the Institute of Public Health to collect the samples and carry out the study.”


Jhalmuri, which has been collected from different schools and places, are found  contaminated with harmful chemicals such as artificial colour, coliform, yeast mold and salmonila bacteria, he added. 


“If people consume such food items, they will suffer from typhoid, skin disease and stomach upset,” he said.


Thirty samples of Fuska had been collected and these were found contaminated with harmful chemicals.


Responding to this issue, Dr Khurshid Jahan Haque, a noted nutritionist, said contaminated Fuska is harmful to health.


People will suffer from chronic diarrhoea, fungal infection and typhoid, if they consume such food items, she warned.


Mycotoxin, microbiological elements, yeast mold, coliform were found in 16 Vel puri samples collected from different places of the city.


Dr Asaduzzaman, a noted public health expert, said such chemicals, which have been found in Vel Puri, are highly toxic for human health.


People face digestive disorder and hyperacidity, typhoid and diarrhea, if they consume Vel Puri for a long time, he added.


However, less contaminated elements have been found in pickles.


Contacted, Additional Director General of Directorate of Health Services Dr Enayet Hosssain told the daily sun sanitary inspectors are collecting samples of food items and these are being tested at food safety lab.


If toxic chemicals are found in these food items, a mobile court will be conducted against the vendors selling contaminated food items, he added.