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Visit Costa Rica this winter holiday

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Visit Costa Rica this winter holiday



Waiting to explore the lush and wild world of Costa Rica? Here are a few things to keep in mind. One of the most ecologically rich destinations in the world, Costa Rica is a relatively small Central American country with an abundance of environmental attractions.


The country’s imposing volcanoes, tropical forests, wildlife, botanical gardens, stunning river valleys, and hundreds of beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts make for an enchanting journey.


The rich sights and sounds of this dream vacation spot are sure to amaze you and help you create memories that last a lifetime. If this sounds familiar to you because you’re planning a trip to this tropical paradise, it is essential to have some basic knowledge of Costa Rica before you pack your bags.


Lack of familiarity with the local language and customs can cause unpredictable situations and problems.


So here’s some useful information as listed by Jayanth Sharma, co-founder and CEO at Toehold, which will help you prepare for your trip and enjoy it completely.


-Proof of departure is a vital document for every foreign tourist:


Costa Rica requires proof of departure as an entry pass from every foreign tourist. The proof needs to be shown when you check in for your flight from your port of departure. Therefore, make sure that you carry this essential document, both as a printed hard copy and as an image/e-mail on your phone to ensure a trouble-free journey. Try to make sure that the file is downloaded onto your device, since you might not have Internet connectivity later, and accessing the ticket can become a problem.