Living spree: Run with the stars | 2017-10-28 |

Living spree: Run with the stars

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Living spree: Run with the stars



Run with the stars? Yes, “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them”. ~ Marcus Aurelius


“Wish me luck. I am late for work. When a patient man like my boss loses his cool, he might just throw me out the window,” she messaged a friend.


Replying to the hurried SOS message, her friend assured her “all would be fine”. Few minutes passed…


“Can you imagine… Boss is in another office. He is yet to return. Real lucky for me! Thank you,” she wrote back on reaching her work place.


Call it faith or the power of positive thinking, the positive vibe, despite the long-distance between the two friends, worked! It is just a thought. But the few positive words worked.


After all, this tiny seed of thought makes up your mind. And, what’s on your mind can make all the difference in you and your life. The shape of your heart and mind helps you see things in different light.


Well, the intervention of the unknown in our times of trouble, which cannot be explained, happens, all the time. All we need to do is see it. Seeing is important.


And nothing is at it seems. What you see is what you get. This popular catchphrase can’t be any truer. Life, after all, is how you see it. Life can be beautiful or painful as you see it.


What or how you see things and do what you do is all in the choosing. If timing is everything, choosing makes all the difference in one’s life.


While the going may be tough and it may be easier said than done, you do have a choice. You may choose to dwell in darkness or on the beauty of life which would give you endless sunny days and starry nights.


Come rain or shine, don’t you ever worry. Stay calm and let the wonders of positive thinking and beautiful thoughts fill your life with unsullied joy and thousands reasons to celebrate life.


Quiet your soul and run with the stars.