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Go tripping tree house

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Go tripping tree house


Now, Microsoft has built tree house workplaces for its employees. How innovative can things get. Tree houses are great fun and, yes, workplaces should be fun spaces as one tend to spend more hours of one’s life at offices. Now, one may not have to travel far to see or experience a tree house living.


Of aesthetic beauty and creativity in the woods, tree houses remind us of childhood escapades. If you were lucky to have trees around and wanted to run away from the house as a child after a conflict with your parents, you would have probably spent a night or two up in the tree. Or, as a fun activity, you would build a play house up the tree. Those were the good old days.


However, you can still go visiting some pretty tree houses in the world. Here’s a glimpse of five delightful tree houses across the world.


Treehouse in Kerala, India


This tree house is located in the rainforest of the Western Ghats, Kerala. Several resorts in Kerala boast of amazing tree houses.


Treehouse in Sri Lanka


This tree house is situated near Pidurangala Rock in Sigiriya,  where one can escape from the marauding elephants. From here you can enjoy the panoramic views of Sigiriya.


Tree house in Banos, Equador


From this wood house atop a tree, visitors can have a spectacular view of the Volcano and Banos, which is the adventure capital of the Ecuador.


Tree house at Alnwick Garden in Northern England


Alnwick Garden, one of the most contemporary gardens in England, in Northumberland is open from March 31 to October 31, from 10 am to 6 pm daily. Winter timing starts from November 18.


The mystical fairy tree house


Take a knock on the door. See for yourself what’s in store. The old wooden door would surely take you to another realm, an endless journey…