Myanmar starts work to repatriate Rohingyas: Suu Kyi | 2017-10-25 |

Myanmar starts work to repatriate Rohingyas: Suu Kyi

Sun Online Desk     25th October, 2017 12:40:46 printer

Myanmar starts work to repatriate Rohingyas: Suu Kyi

State Counsellor and Myanmar Union Minister for Foreign Affairs Aung San Suu Kyi on Wednesday said her government started work on repatriation of Rohingyas who are living in Bangladesh.


She also said the Myanmar government has started work to implement the recommendations made by the Kofi Annan Commission to bring solution to the Rohingya crisis.


Suu Kyi conveyed it to Home Minister Asaduzzaman during a meeting held at her office in Myanmar's capital city.


The Home Minister invited Suu Kyi to visit Bangladesh. In reply, Suu Kyi said she will visit Bangladesh at a time convenient to both sides.


Home Ministry sources said the repatriation process will be done as per the Kofi Annan and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's five-point proposal.


Minister Khan also informed Suu Kyi about the decisions, including a decision to form joint working group, taken at the senior officials and Home Minister-level meetings.


He said no terrorist will get any scope to use the land of Bangladesh and conveyed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's zero tolerance policy towards terrorists and terrorism.


The Home Minister, however, said the Rohingyas might turn terrorists if they are not taken back quickly to their homeland.


"If it happens, the situation will remain neither in favour of Bangladesh nor Myanmar."


They also discussed issues of drug smuggling and Suu Kyi said many young people in her country got addicted with Yaba.


She also said her country will take steps to halt Yaba smuggling to Bangladesh from Myanmar.


So far, over 6 lakh Rohingas have entered to Bangladesh being persecuted by the Myanmar government since August 25.