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Ten equipment-free exercises you must do everyday

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Ten equipment-free exercises you must do everyday


A well-rounded fitness program should include exercises for the entire body, working the muscles from head to toe. Keep a clock in front of you. Put on your favourite music and enjoy doing simple exercises in front of the mirror. Start with warm up exercises and then gradually increase the intensity.


There are many exercises which require no equipment and can be done in very little space. Do them any time of the day, it can be even the last thing at night. The only caution to be taken is that your stomach should be relatively empty.


Here we go:


1 Toe Touching:


Stand straight, feet 12 inches apart. Keep arms straight over head. Bend forward to touch floor between feet. Do not try to keep knees straight if you find it difficult to touch the floor. Bend them. You must touch the floor. Return to starting position. Repeat five times initially and gradually increase to 10 times.


2 Knee Raising:


Stand straight, hands at sides, feet together. Raise left knee as high as possible, grasping knee with both hands to balance. Take the right hand to the bottom of the raised leg, just above the foot. Hold tight. Pull the raised leg towards your body, keeping the back straight throughout. Lower foot to floor. Repeat with right leg. Continue by alternating legs left, then right. Do two to three times with each leg in the beginning and then gradually increase the count to 10 with each leg.


3 Lateral Bending:


Stand straight, feet 12 inches apart, hands at sides. Keeping back straight, bend sideways from waist to left. Slide left hand down the leg as far as possible. Return to starting position. Bend to the right side. Continue by alternating to left, then right. Start by bending five times to each side and gradually increase to 10 times on each side.


4 Arms Rotation:


Stand straight, feet 12 inches apart, arms at sides. Make large circles with left arm, making five forward circles and then five backward circles. Repeat with right arm. Do more of this exercise when you get accustomed of it.


5 Partial Sit-Ups:


Lie on back, legs straight and together, arms at sides. Stretch your feet, so that the toes are almost parallel to the floor. Raise head and shoulders from floor until you can see your toes. Lower head to floor. Initially do it as many times as you feel comfortable, gradually increase the number.


6 Chest and Leg Raise:


Lie face down, arms alongside, hands under thighs, palms pressing against thighs. Raise head, shoulders and lift left leg as high as possible from floor, keeping the other leg straight on the floor. Lower the raised leg down to the floor. Repeat raising right leg, head and shoulders. Continue by altering legs, left then right. Increase the count gradually so that after a few days, each leg is raised 10 times.


7 Side Leg Raising:


Lie on the side, legs straight, lower arm stretched over head along floor, top arm on the side for balance. Raise upper leg as high as possible. Lower to starting position. Do this initially five to six times. Roll to the other side. Repeat raising the other leg. Each leg should be raised 15 times and till it is perpendicular to the floor as the days pass.


8 Push-Ups:


Lie face down, legs straight and together, hands placed directly under shoulders. Push body off the floor in any way possible, keeping hands and knees in contact with floor. Lower head to floor, stretching arms in front. Return to starting position. Do the exercise very slowly till you get the hang of it.


9 Leg Lifting:


Lie on back, legs straight and together, arms to the sides, arms down. Raise left leg as high as possible. Lower and repeat with right leg. Continue by altering the legs, left then right. Gradually increase the count to 10 times for each leg.


10 Run and Hop:


Stand straight, feet together, arms at sides. Run in place raising feet as high as conveniently possible off the floor. Raise both feet together off the floor. Jump about 4” off the floor, both feet leaving floor together. Jump continuously about 10 times for the first few days. As you get used to run and hop, increase gradually the number of run to 100 and hop 30-40 times.


Initially do these exercises till they do not fatigue you. Slowly increase the number of counts and enjoy miraculous results.