The Rohingya children robbed of their childhood | 2017-10-19 |

The Rohingya children robbed of their childhood

UNB     19th October, 2017 09:04:56 printer

The Rohingya children robbed of their childhood

A seven-year-old Rohingya girl Tahmina Akter was waiting for her parent who was in a queue to receive the relief.


Tahmina was very upset and busy looking after her little brother in the absence of her mother. She had lost her father and they had fled from Myanmar on August 26, when they fled from Myanmar.


While waiting for her mother in front ofBalukhali camp, she would only answer our queries in monosyllables, Yes or No, and never willing to express herself, as fear stalked her eyes.


Her otherwise beautiful face was paled as she had gone through horrible events in her short life which turned her introvert.


Tahmina Akter, is an example among hundreds of thousands of children who lost their parents in 'Ethnic cleansing or Genocide' by Myanmar Army since August25.


Many refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh informed UNB correspondent that the highest numbers of refugees are in the 0-15 years age group. Some of them have lost their parents, or at least a parent, at an early age.


Their future has become very uncertain and they are not sure whether Myanmar will take them back as citizens or not.


Pritam Kumar Choudhury, deputy director of social service department in Cox's Bazar, said "The list of the orphans was 16,872 yesterday which rose to 17,624on Wednesday. We are now just surveying and enlisting their names. But we are waiting for the direction of the social servicedepartment to take special step for them. We are planning as it needs a large infrastructure to accommodate them."


Some members of Boarder Guard Bangladesh (BGB) who were on-duty near the border in Gumdhum on Wednesdaysaid "We are being soft with the children as they have already gone through a lot in their life. We try to make them happy by having fun with them. They have no right to go to school and just seek relief, it is very miserable to see. But luck does not favor them. "