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Awami League proposals to EC

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Awami League proposals to EC

The ruling Awami League on Wednesday submitted an 11-point proposal to the Election Commission (EC) for holding a free and fair election.


Following are the proposals:


1. The initiative of formulating the bangla edition of “The Representation of the People Order, 1972” and “The Delimitation of Constituencies Ordinance, 1976” are praiseworthy. Bangladesh Awami League will have support to the initiatives.


2. To hold the upcoming national parliament election by enforcing the existing polls act and rules neutrally and strictly as per the polls related instruction under the constitution for checking illegal money and muscle power in the election.


3. Taking strict legal action against the persons or the organizations, engaged in government works and responsible for polls, for their non-professional and irresponsible attitudes.


4. Appointment of Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers and Polling Offers only based on their qualifications among the officials of the republic for administering the election.


5. To finalize the candidature for nomination by the political parties to participate in the national election would be based on the opinion of grass-root level leaders and activists.


6. To maintain the highest level of transparency and caution while appointing the election observers both from home and abroad. Not allow the identified persons, quarters or organizations those are loyal to a particular party or person as election observer.


7. To give active instruction to perform role by all the mass media persons including electronic and print media as per the guidance of the electoral rules and regulations on the election day.


8. To ensure handover of the list, photos and NID of the polling agents to the Returning and Assistant Returning Officers before three days of the poll engaged by individual candidates including the nominated candidates of the political parties who are participating in the election.


To ensure the identity of the polling agents by the Presiding Officer before entering to the polls room and allow their staying in the polls room until the election is finished.


9. To launch ‘EVM’ system in casting vote in the next national election for ensuring the voting rights of the people like modern and democratic countries in the world.


10. Other law enforcing agencies including police would be given charge for maintaining the law and order in every constituency on the election day and the time after the election. It has been clearly mentioned in 129-131 section of the criminal penal code on 1898 and under the military rules when the member of the armed forces would be deployed for maintaining law and order.


11. Delimitation issue is related to the population, especially the population census. The last delimitation was made in 2014 before the 10th Jatiya Sangsad Election based on the population census of 2011 (Published in 2013). Legal complexities may arise in case of taking new delimitation activities without new population census.


Source: BSS