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Three must-have food for good health

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Three must-have food for good health



What to eat and drink and what to avoid is a perennial question for many.  The many do’s and don’ts about food may pose quite a challenge to many diet conscious people. Some healthy food suitable for one may not be good for the other depending on the body metabolism and the health condition. The answer lies in moderation,  a balanced diet and a regular fitness routine. However, inclusion of even a few of the must-have food would go a long way in nourishing the body.


Experts advice on food for optimum health


While plenty of water and high fibre diet is advisable for all, here are three must-have food items that will keep you healthy and strong in the face of any common sickness.


A bowl of oats


Oats  are rich in dietary fibre and protein. It is also proven to manage cholesterol levels, maintain healthy body weight and reduce risk of blood sugar and diabetes. Have a bowl of oats with your favourite fruits and nuts mixed in it.


A dash of stevia


Replace your high calorie sugar with natural zero-calorie stevia. Stevia is obtained from natural herbs and does not contain artificial sweeteners. Stevia is also fat free, making it beneficial for diabetics and the weight conscious. Add Stevia to your daily cup of tea, coffee or any drink or dessert and enjoy its sweetness without having to worry about those extra calories!


A bowl of muesli


A bowl of muesli every day can change the game for you. Muesli is made with a healthy combination of wheat flakes, corn flakes, rolled oats, etc. It is high in fibre and protein and also rich in antioxidants. It aids in weight control as it keeps you fuller longer and prevent you from eating more.