Date-expired chemicals used in pathological test | 2017-10-04 |

Date-expired chemicals used in pathological test

Tarik Hasan Shahriar     4th October, 2017 01:31:53 printer

Date-expired chemicals used in pathological test

Date-expired chemicals are being used in pathological tests in different private clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centres in the capital.


Such outdated chemicals, which are mixed with other chemicals, make clinical report wrong for which the total treatment procedure may be wrong, experts said.


A mobile court of Rapid Action Battalion raided Popular Diagnostic Centre, Regent Hospital and Diagnostic Centre and Medic Health Diagnostic Centre on September 26, and found date-expired chemicals were being used in pathological test.


The mobile court fined Tk 60, 0000 for Popular Diagnostic Centre, TK 60, 0000 for Regent Hospital and Tk 10, 0000 for Medic Health Diagnostic Centre for their irregularities.


Public health expert Dr Lelin Chowdhury told daily sun it is said that medical investigation will be correct when other chemicals will be well branded and not date-expired.


If any date-expired chemicals are mixed for clinical investigation, it is impossible to get a correct clinical report, he added.


It is a physician’s opinion that the treatment procedure will be wrong, if the pathological report is wrong. So, the clinical report should be correct, otherwise patients will be vulnerable even after receiving medical advice from a senior consultant for incorrect clinical investigation, he pointed out.


Azizur Rahman, a patient, who took his medical advice from a medicine consultant who advised him to do some pathological tests to start his treatment.


Azizur Rahman conducted his blood CP, Cerem cretinine , lipid profile, urine examination from Popular Diagnostic Centre, but no report was  found bad. But Azizur Rahman was suffering from obesity and gastrointestinal problem.


Azizur Rahman collected all the reports and went to his doctor to show the medical investigation report. The doctor saw the reports and he was confused to see the lipid profile report as his patient was  overweight and some times felt chest pain.


The doctor again sent Azizur Rahman to ICDDR’B for carrying out his lipid profile report. He went to ICDDR’B and conducted the report. He then went to his doctor with this medical test report. At the moment, the doctor told him that his HDL and LDL were too high and he needed anti lipid medicine for a long time.        


 Azizur’s doctor made comments that his previous reports were wrong and probably the reports were prepared with the mixing of date-expired chemicals.


Responding to this issue, Dr Ehetheshamul Haque Chowdhury, additional director general of directorate of health services, told daily sun they are conducting drive with the help of RAB.


“And we have sealed off and fined private hospitals for irregularities, he added.


Bangabandhu Medical University and no public hospitals use date-expired chemicals for pathological tests, he assured.