Floating markets in Barisal abuzz as guava season sets in | 2017-09-25 | daily-sun.com

Floating markets in Barisal abuzz as guava season sets in

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Floating markets in Barisal abuzz as guava season sets in

Canals and floating markets are no more a scene only from Thailand, Indonesia, Kashmir or Venice. Anyone visiting the southwestern part of Bangladesh will find that floating markets are also a part of the diversity of our country.


Bhimruli- a village of Jhalakathi district in Barisal, is more famous for its floating market of guava (peyara) and hog plum (amra).


This village is about 15 kilometers away from the district town and its floating market is always crowded with buyers and sellers and different types of products are traded here. If one gets hungry, then no worries, floating food stalls are also there!


Throughout the year Bhimruli offers various products to buy. But the place gets more crowded in the season for guavas and hog plums.


Everyday of the week from 12pm to 3pm the floating market of Bhimruli sets up in the estuary where three canals meet.


Like Bhimruli, similar floating markets are also in Khuriana and Atghar while several floating markets can be found in Barisal. Another famous floating market is in Baithakata in Nazirpur upazila of Pirojpur, which has been floating for 60 years. It starts at 8am and ends around 12pm.


Farmers along with hundreds of boats come to these markets to trade their freshly cultivated products like vegetable, rice, fruits and so on. Buyers also accumulate crowds here to buy fresh products.


So if one wants to have formalin-free vegetables and fruits, or simply want to enjoy the beauty of green floating market- Bhimruli is a must visit place. It can also be the perfect tour destination in the season as the fresh guavas are calling!