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Akshay Kumar enjoys comedy to enact

Sun Online Desk     25th September, 2017 07:45:17 printer

Akshay Kumar enjoys comedy to enact

Actor Akshay Kumar is among those very few Bollywood actors who has tried his hand at almost all possible genres in filmmaking.


From romance to action to thriller and comedy, Bollywood’s Khiladi Kumar has been there and done that.


Quoting the actor Hindustan Times said, “You can impress someone with stunts, effects and a hot body and you can make them cry just by crying yourself, but to make someone laugh out loud in a theatre full of strangers with your comedy timing, your one liners and your facial expressions, your slapstick energy, is not only extremely difficult and it’s also painfully embarrassing if you fail.”


The reason Akshay respects the comedy genre the most because “it has the biggest effect if you succeed, but it has the most tragic career changing consequences if you don’t make anyone laugh.”


As for other genres, Akshay feels that they all have a certain type of fan following. “So one always knows when making an action movie that it’s not always going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can’t make everyone laugh, that’s it, you’re doomed, banished to the serious couch and never to be invited to the party again,” he laughs.

Source: Hindustan Times