Children refresh Dhaka-Beijing friendship with heavenly smiles | 2017-09-23 |

Children refresh Dhaka-Beijing friendship with heavenly smiles

Glorious future sought for 2 countries teenagers

UNB     23rd September, 2017 01:00:39 printer

Children refresh Dhaka-Beijing friendship with heavenly smiles

An unending stream of joy spreads around when children smile. And that is what happened when Bangladeshi youths spent a heavenly morning with Chinese schoolkids at Yunnan University Primary School on Friday promising a bright future for children both in Bangladesh and China.


The delegation members took part in drawing classes and various games in the campus for couple of hours in an effort to build stronger friendship between the two countries at all levels.


Earlier, over 300 nicely dressed and disciplined students of the primary school welcomed Bangladeshi youngsters with their extraordinary performances, a combination of dance and music.


When the delegation members were about to leave the campus towards the Yunnan University Secondary School campus, the schoolkids kept singing a Chinese song that goes like this - "Take my song to your home, please you leave your smiles here for us...and don't forget our smiles."


They kept waving hands with their innocent smiles on lovely faces inviting all Bangladeshi participants to keep visiting China and accept them as their all-weather friends.


Ivy, a schoolteacher of the primary school, says they have around 1000 students in the school and they teach Chinese, math, English, music, arts, science, morality and life and other subjects.


"We're trying to give our children the best, we want to give them more opportunities to touch something new and open their eyes to the world," she said.


Later, the Yunnan University Secondary School authority arranged a brief cultural event, welcoming Bangladeshi youngsters at its auditorium in the afternoon.


Bangladeshi delegation member Fatema-Tuz-Zohra drew attention of the audience through her excellent dance performance.


Two other members- Urmi Ghosh and Shahan Kamal Uday sang two chorus songs - both in Bangla and Chinese languages - on behalf of Dhaka University's Music department.


The band group of the Yunnan University Secondary School also sang two songs.


Welcoming the Bangladesh delegation members, headmaster of the school Gao Yunfei said, "The Yarlung Zangbo River in China and Jamuna River in Bangladesh have the same root which embodies the two countries have long relationship."


He foresees that the teenagers from Bangladesh and the students from the Yunnan University Secondary School must build a bridge of glorious future with long-lasting peace and friendship. "Today's activities in my school will also be witnessed as a magnificent cultural banquet which will surely motivate you to learn the Chinese language together with its culture much more diligently," Gao Yunfei added.


He hoped that the Bangladeshi youngsters will take back a very unforgettable and marvelous experience to their homeland through the 2017 Bangladesh-China Youth Camp. "We're committed to the path for giving a bright future for both Bangladesh and China."


Gao Yunfei said mentioned that two hours flight from Dhaka, Kunming is commonly regarded as the best gateway to China both culturally and geographically.


"Being located in Kunming, Yunnan University Secondary School, will also be the best choice for you to experience the school life and culture of Chinese students," said the headmaster.


The 150-member youth delegation from Bangladesh arrived here on September 11 in a two-week Camp that ends on Sunday.