Indian boy invents ‘silent heart attack’ detecting device | 2017-09-20 |

Indian boy invents ‘silent heart attack’ detecting device

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Indian boy invents ‘silent heart attack’ detecting device

A class X- student of Tamil Nadu, India has invented a device which can detect ‘silent heart attack’, a major problem across the world, and help the patient save his life by taking medical assistance before it is too late.


Experts and doctors believed that this invention could put an end to increasing death rate due to ‘Silent Heart Attack’.


Akash Manoj, 15-year-old, hails from Hosur, Tamil Nadu, has developed the device when he was studying in class X making him one of the youngest inventors of India.


Deaths due to heart attacks are common, and the symptoms of Heart Attack are also well known to most of the people but symptoms of ‘Silent Heart Attack’ are seldom known to people.


That’s why people mistake ‘Silent Heart Attack’ for uneasiness or shortage of breath as ‘Silent Heart Attack’ may never show any symptoms at all. If the person is a diabetic or is suffering from high blood pressure the chances of having a silent heart attack increases manifold.


Akash experienced this in first hand when his grandfather who was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure had a silent heart attack, collapsed and died. That’s when Akash embarked on a journey to create a device that could detect ‘silent heart attack’ so that precious lives could be saved.


Akash developed the device which can be placed around the wrist or the back of the ear. The device releases a small ‘positive’ impulse which attracts the negatively charged protein released by the heart to signal a heart attack. If the quantity of this protein – FABP3 is high, the person must seek immediate medical attention.


Even though Akash has applied for a patent, he has no intentions of making money by selling his patent to a private company but wants to collaborate with the Government of India to develop the device on a large scale so that it helps millions of people and their family who have to suffer due to the untimely death of their dear ones. This child prodigy dreams of going to All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi to pursue his favourite subject – Cardiology.


Akash Manoj was a guest at Rashtrapati Bhavan and had spent two weeks at the Bhavan as a part of the Innovation Scholars In-residence Programme held when Pranab Mukherjee was the President of India.


Akash who had great interest in science and aeronautics as a kid had taken part in several science workshops, symposiums, aviation workshops representing his school, The Ashok Leyland School in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.


Akash has also been at the two-week programme at NASA in the US in 2013 and was hugely inspired by the massive rocket launcher that was there at NASA.


Source: Abdul Kalam Fan Club