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Try to gain confidence in people

PM tells her party men

    20th September, 2017 11:09:16 printer

New York: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday said the next general election will be a challenging one and asked her party leaders and activists to remain alert about their behaviour, reports UNB.


“The next election will be a challenging one, you’ll have to keep it in’ll be of no use to chant slogans describing the need of Awami League government, you’ll have to remain alert regarding your behaviour and attitude, you’ll have to gain the confidence and trust of people,” she said.


The Prime Minister said this while speaking at a civic reception accorded to her by USA Awami League at Marquis Marriott Hotel on Tuesday night.


Sheikh Hasina said she has already asked her party MPs to change their behaviour and attitude to gain the trust and confidence of people.


“You must know the problems of your voters, and solve those accordingly, you’ll have to remain beside people, you’ll have to make them your close ones,” she said. Talking about the Rohingya issue, the Prime Minister said she has already said it clearly that the refugees came from Myanmar are the citizens of that country and Myanmar has to take them back.


“We’ve told Myanmar all this clearly, we’ve told Myanmar that the fleeing Rohingyas are their citizens, Myanmar has to take them back, they have to keep them safe,” she said.


Hasina mentioned that Bangladesh wants that Myanmar will implement the Kofi Annan Commission’s recommendation. She also mentioned that Bangladesh has urged the international community to put pressure on Myanmar so that they take back their citizens.  


The Prime Minister said the incidents which are taking place in Myanmar are very much painful. Myanmar army killed thousands of Rohingya people, set fire to their homes apart from raping Rohingya girls.


“The situation was created and their people are coming from there (Myanmar), what will we do? We’ve to give them shelter on humanitarian ground,” she said.


About her recent visit to Cox’s Bazar to see the sufferings of Rohingyas, Hasina said their miserable experience reminded her the devastating days during the War of Liberation in 1971.


“Our people took shelter in India, about one crore Bangladeshi refugees took shelter in neighbouring India, they (Rohingyas) are now in trouble, we’ve to give them place,” she said.


Regarding the supply of relief to 800,000 Rohingya refuges, she said that if the government can manage food for 16 crore people, it can also manage food for the 800,000 Rohingya refugees.


“The people of Bangladesh are open-hearted, they’ll eat once a day if necessary, and the rest of the food will be given to the Rohingya refugees. Bangladeshi people have that mentality,” she said.


The Prime Minister again expressed her firm resolve not to allow any insurgent group to use Bangladesh soil for any terrorist act. “We won’t allow that,” she said.


She said Bangladesh wants a peaceful situation and welfare of people with changing their fates. “So we want to maintain friendly relations with all, upholding the connectivity with the neighbouring countries and expanding trade and business.”


Sheikh Hasina also said there were conspiracies against Bangladesh, but Bangladesh will march forward defying those.


PM’s Adviser on ICT Affairs Sajeeb Wazed Joy also spoke at the function presided over by US AL president Siddiqur Rahman.