Mexico: Huge earthquake topples buildings, killing more than 200 (Video) | 2017-09-20 |

Mexico: Huge earthquake topples buildings, killing more than 200 (Video)

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Mexico: Huge earthquake topples buildings, killing more than 200 (Video)


A strong earthquake has struck central Mexico, killing more than 200 people and toppling dozens of buildings in the capital, Mexico City.


President Enrique Peña Nieto said more than 20 children had died and 30 were missing after a school collapsed.


The 7.1 magnitude quake also caused major damage in neighbouring states.


The tremor struck shortly after many people had taken part in an earthquake drill, exactly 32 years after a quake killed thousands in Mexico City.


The country is prone to earthquakes and earlier this month an 8.1 magnitude tremor in the south left at least 90 dead.


What is the death toll across Mexico?


The epicentre of the latest quake was near Atencingo in Puebla state, about 120km (75 miles) from Mexico City, with a depth of 51km, the US Geological Survey said.


An earlier death toll of nearly 250 was lowered to 216 by the country's national co-ordinator for civil protection:


Morelos state: 71 dead


Puebla state: 43 dead


Mexico City: 86 dead


Mexico state: 12 dead


Guerrero: 3 dead


Oaxaca: 1


President Peña Nieto said more than 20 children and two adults had been found dead at the collapsed Enrique Rebsamen school in Mexico City's southern Coapa district. He said another 30 children and eight adults were missing.


What about survivors?


Emergency workers, aided by volunteers, are working through the night to search the rubble of collapsed buildings for trapped people.


Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera told TV network Televisa that buildings at 44 locations had collapsed or were badly damaged. These are said to include a six-storey blocks of flats, a supermarket and a factory.


About two million people in the capital were without electricity and phone lines were down. Officials warned residents not to smoke on the streets as gas mains could have been ruptured.


In a televised address, the president said an emergency had been declared for the affected areas and the military was being drafted in to help with the response.


Across Mexico City, teams of rescue workers and volunteers clawed through the rubble with picks, shovels and their bare hands.


Source: BBC