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N Korea needs to be restrained

    19th September, 2017 12:34:14 printer

The way North Korea is taking one step after another that is likely to up set peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula in particular and the world in general, calls for immediate and concerted action by the world community before it gets any worse. The North Korean leader is giving orders for launching missiles every alternate week in a bid to show his strength to the world. His claim that he wants to be equal in military and nuclear strength with the United States of America is devoid of common sense because the tiny country is no match to the mighty US and its allies all over the world.   

Despite soft warning from various developed countries including Japan, North Korea sent another intermediate-range ballistic missile right over the territory of Japan, possibly in retaliation of a new round of UN sanctions over its sixth nuclear test. No doubt this is a highly provocative behaviour, and it is appreciable that Japan has not retaliated with any stern action so far. Earlier Kim Jong-un said that his final goal is to establish equilibrium of real force with the US. Undaunted by the negative world reaction, he has threatened to continue his programme to attain the goal of completing its nuclear programme despite limitless sanctions and blockades.

According to military experts, the range of the latest missile fired by N. Korea was one of intermediate level and it did not pose any threat to North America, but it was enough to make the world community feel concerned about what North Korea might do next. It is difficult to know clearly what its long-term plans are and why it is arming itself to the teeth in an apparently peaceful world at the moment.

Kim-Jong-un must study thoroughly the collective strength of the US, NATO, Japan and other allied countries that would take up arms against him if he dared to attack any one of them. He must show respect to the will of the free world and refrain from playing war games. World forces should also try to bring N. Korea out from its nuclear ambition.