Nationwide protests rage against Rohingya persecution | 2017-09-13 |

Nationwide protests rage against Rohingya persecution

Sun Online Desk     13th September, 2017 10:21:41 printer

Nationwide protests rage against Rohingya persecution

Different political and social organisations across the country on Wednesday staged demonstrations protesting Rohingya persecution by the Myanmar security forces.

In Khulna, local residents held a human-chain at Picturepalace intersection of the Sadar upazila around 11 am protesting the mass killing, torture and harassment of the Rohingya people in Myanmar's Arakan state.

The speaker of the human-chain strongly condemned the arson attacks, rapes and barbarism committed by the Myanmar Security Force, reports UNB.


In Madaripur, District Traders' Association held prayers and human-chain at Puran Bazar of Sadar upazila where hundreds of people attended and prayed for the welfare of Rohingya people.

The association also donated Tk 300,000 for the relief of Rohingyas.

In Dinajpur, District lawyer Assistant Association held another human-chain at Kachari Road of Sadar upazila demanding an end to the genocide of Rohingya people and calling Myanmar government to take back their nationals.

In Comilla, Religious organisation Khelafat e Majlish formed a human-chain at Kandirpara of Sadar Upazila where the speakers asked the government to create global awareness to put pressure on Myanmar to accept the Rohingya, who are not even recognized as one of Myanmar's ethnic groups, of which there are 135 following the black 1982 Citizenship Law.

Meanwhile, in the capital, Bangladesh Peace Council announced to hold a discussion programme at Conference Lounge of Jatiya Press Club protesting the killing and repression inflicted on the Rohingya community on Thursday afternoon.

From the left, the Communist Party of Bangladesh, Basad, and Democratic Left Alliance visited the refugee camps and will hold a press conference over it on Thursday morning.