How harmful is soda for kids? | 2017-08-27 |

How harmful is soda for kids?

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How harmful is soda for kids?



Keep aerated or soft drinks away from children. Soda in soft drinks can harm your children not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Know the harmful effects of aerated drinks.


Childhood obesity: Aerated drinks are high in calories and sugar content. Children, who consume soda drinks regularly are more likely to be obese than other children.


Soften bones: The presence of phosphorus in soda is said to reduce calcium in bones. Hence, regular intake can weaken the bones.


Early diabetes: Obesity can lead to diabetes. Also, starting to drink sugar early and regularly can lead to blood sugar disorders.


Harm young brains: According to studies, citric acid and artificial flavours in soft drinks contain potent brain toxin that can harm the kid’s mental development. Caffeine in soda drinks also upsets neurochemistry in developing brains of children.


Harmful for teeth: The sugar content in soda drinks causes cavities and the acid content erodes tooth enamel. Complete loss of the enamel on the frontal teeth in teenage boys and girls who are habitual soda drinkers are reported by dentists.


Hits digestion: Study shows that regular soda intake upsets the acid-alkaline balance of stomach. It can lead to irritable bowel syndrome, acidity and inflammation of stomach lining which can be quite painful.


Bad behaviour: Children who drink soda tend to be more aggressive, withdrawn and are distracted. The presence of caffeine, sugar and artificial flavours and colours can affect the mental ability to focus.


Zero nutritional value: Soft drinks have zero nutritional value.


Replace soft drinks with homemade fresh fruit juices and milk shakes, which are nutritious and fun for the kids.