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Fake currency rackets active ahead of Eid

Ahamed Ullah     24th August, 2017 01:22:59 printer

Fake currency rackets active ahead of Eid

Money counterfeiting gangs became active in the capital to deceive people with fake currency notes taking the advantage of the shopping spree and hustle and bustle in cattle markets and ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.


Though the law enforcers often nab fake currency makers, the real culprits slipped out of their dragnet.


After arresting several currency forgers from the capital in the last few days, the Detective Branch of police now suspects that eight to 10 counterfeiting groups are active in the city ahead of Eid-ul Azha, the second largest religious festival of the Muslims.


Forgers usually manufacture fake notes of Tk 500 and Tk 1,000 denominations targeting the Eid shopping binge. A police official said making counterfeit notes is not that difficult for the criminals as they require only a laptop, a colour printer, certain types of paper, chemicals and other materials.


Sources said the counterfeiting gangs will try to spread fake notes in the cattle market ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.    


Gabtoli, the biggest cattle market in the capital, falls under the jurisdiction of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB-4). This correspondent contacted the second in command of RAB-4 Major Md Khursid Alam for his comments regarding the law enforcers’ readiness to check the spread of fake currency during the Eid rush.


He told daily sun, “We have taken various initiatives to nab the counterfeiting gangs and check the circulation of fake notes. We will set up fake currency notes detection booths in the cattle market. Several RAB teams will monitor the situation in Gabtoli cattle market to prevent the circulation of fake notes.”


On Tuesday, detectives arrested seven people with fake notes worth Tk 49 lakh from Mohammadpur and Tejgaon areas in the capital.


The arrestees were identified as Rafiqul Islam alias Khasru, Liakot Hossain alias Zakir, Rafizul Islam, Shohag, Alauddin, Shahidul Islam and Mozzamel Haque.


The law enforcers also recovered various tools used to produce fake notes from their possession.


Abdul Baten, joint commissioner of Detective Branch (DB) of police, said, “During preliminary interrogation, the arrestees confessed that he had long been involved in fake currency business.”


They used to circulate fake currencies, including Indian rupee, produced in his in rented houses in different parts of the capital, he added.


The police official also said the forgers typically manufacture fake notes round the year but during Eid season they become very active to take the advantage of shopping rush.


“The counterfeiting gangs choose this time ahead of Eid to release fake notes in the market,” he added.


The police official said “Police will set up control rooms in all the cattle markets in the city. Fake currency detectors will be available in the police control rooms as well as in the offices of cattle market lessees.”


Sources said the counterfeiting gangs typically made two types of fake notes --- one is printed fake note and another is washed notes. Printed fake notes are made with new papers while the washed notes are made by washing the lower denomination notes and reprinting them into higher denomination notes. 


Special teams of RAB and Detective Branch have already been deployed to prevent circulation of fake currency notes ahead of Eid, said the source.