PM instigates dispute between judiciary and legislature, BNP alleges | 2017-08-22 |

PM instigates dispute between judiciary and legislature, BNP alleges

Sun Online Desk     22nd August, 2017 08:40:16 printer

PM instigates dispute between judiciary and legislature, BNP alleges

The BNP on Tuesday alleged that head of the government Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself has instigated dispute between country’s two columns—judiciary and parliament—standing face to face.


BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir made the allegation in an emergency press conference held following Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s strong criticism of chief justice SK Sinha.


Describing Prime Minister’s remarks on the judiciary and the Chief Justice as ‘unprecedented’, Mirza Fakhrul alleged, “the Prime Minister has been pushing the constitutional institutions towards a confrontation. These types of activities are like playing with fire.”


The press conference was held at the BNP Chairperson's Gulshan office at 7:30 pm Tuesday evening.


He also alleged that Awami League is trying to establish a ‘one-party rule’ in the country through ‘controlling’ the judiciary.


“Their (AL’s) main goal is to establish a one-party rule in the country. They want to execute it by creating anarchy through controlling the judiciary and destructing such institutions,” he further said.


He alleged that the Prime Minister is trying to provoke the country’s people against the judiciary through her ‘irresponsible’ remarks. “Such remarks on the judiciary and the Chief Justice will lead to a more anarchic situation in the country.”


Mentioning that they are very shocked and surprised at the PM’s remarks attacking the judiciary, justices and the CJ, Fakhrul said the consequence of humiliating the judiciary and the CJ holding the state power will not be good.


The BNP leader said Sheikh Hasina asked the CJ to step down as a verdict delivered by him went against the government. “We would like to urge the ruling party to come back from the suicidal stance,” he added.


At the press conference, BNP standing committee member Barrister Moudud Ahmed said the comments of the Awami League leaders on the judiciary and the Chief Justice are contemptuous.


“The Prime Minister’s comments on the judiciary and the CJ are unprecedented. Had she been elected truly, she would not have made such comments,” he added.


Mentioning that the Supreme Court has had patience for long, the BNP leader said the apex court could bring contempt of court charges against all the AL leaders who made disparaging comments on the judiciary.


“The court can start trial summoning the AL leaders on suo moto move,” he said.


BNP standing committee members Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Nazrul Islam Khan, Dr Abdul Moyeen Khan and Mirza Abbas were, among others, present at the press conference.


Coming down heavily on the Chief Justice for comparing Bangladesh with Pakistan, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday said she is not scared at all with such a threat and this is not tolerable either.


"This is very much disgraceful that Bangladesh has been compared with Pakistan, this is not tolerable at all," she said while speaking at a rally at Krishibid Institution, Bangladesh (KIB).


Mentioning that the President, as per the Constitution, appoints the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice, Hasina said the Chief Justice is trying to snatch the President's power.


"Being appointed by the President, how can he take away the constitutional power from the President?" the premier questioned.