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Police sources turn source of crimes

Ahamed Ullah     12th August, 2017 02:32:20 printer

Police sources turn source of crimes

A number of police informants have allegedly got involved in drug peddling, abduction, extortion, blackmailing and some other crimes in the capital in recent times.


Sources said police set sources to get information on crimes and criminals. But, many police sources are found committing crimes in different places.


In the name of carrying out a search of something illegal, police sources do ‘fitting trade’ (cheating) in cooperation with some cops.


Many informants allegedly put Yaba and other drugs into pockets and other places of people during their so-called searches.


Later, police sources threaten to prosecute the searched people as Yaba addicts, if they fail to give them money.


Reliable sources said most of the police sources deal in narcotic drugs. None dares resist the informants as they move along with policemen.


Police sources usually travel in police car. Even they introduce themselves as members of law enforcement agencies.


A businessman of Jatrabari areas of the capital said one of his relatives left the neighbourhood as he protested against the misdeeds of several police sources.


Intelligence sources said there are many groups of police sources who are sacked members of the police, Rapid Action Battalion and others law enforcement agencies.


Many police sources have turned sources of various crimes, they also said.


Another businessman of Old Dhaka said, “Sometimes, police sources come to the area along with cops and set up check posts on roads. They ask for money from the people during their body search.”


Shariful Islam, a resident of Lalbagh, said, “Police sources have recently stopped my motorcycle near Gour-e-Shahid shrine. A police van was there.”


“A man without police uniform searched the papers of my motorcycle and later wanted to search my body.”


In recent past, law enforces arrested many police sources on charges of their complicity in different crimes.


Intelligence sources further said associates of police sources are active in the capital and on its outskirts.


Many said notorious terrorists especially are afraid of police sources as they (informants) find information about their misdeeds and can land them in jail.


Official sources said more than 70 police sources have been killed in the capital in the last seven years.


All of them were involved in drug trade, extortion and other crimes. Some of them were killed in fighting as they assisted police in hunting down criminals.


Masudur Rahman, Deputy Commissioner (Media) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, told the daily sun, “Inform us if anyone has information on police sources’ complicity in crimes. We will take action against them.”