Two tourists die trying to imitate 'Baahubali' waterfall stunt | 2017-07-20 |

Two tourists die trying to imitate 'Baahubali' waterfall stunt

Sun Online Desk     20th July, 2017 03:27:03 printer

Two tourists die trying to imitate 'Baahubali' waterfall stunt


As Mumbaikars flock to the various forts and waterfalls that dot the wilderness on the outskirts of the city and come alive during monsoon, police are having sleepless nights over the waterfall at Mahuli fort in Shahapur.


Inspired by what the Shahapur police believe is the jump from the movie 'Baahubali', several people have climbed up on a higher level at the waterfall and leapt into the gushing water below. This has lead to several injuries, and in certain cases, deaths.


One such case is of Bhiwandi based businessman Indrapal Patil, 27, who visited Mahuli with his friends on July 14. According to his brother, Mahendra, Indrapal had gone to Mahuli fort with his friends. "We were informed by the police that he fell from a height and died.


It was shocking for all of us, even more so for his wife," recalled Mahendra, speaking from his residence in Amne village, near Bhiwandi.


According to Shahapur police, incidents such as these have become too frequent, especially during monsoon. "Eyewitnesses informed that the deceased jumped - rather than fell - from a height, tried to land on his feet, missed and went underwater. His friends got him out," said PI BH Pawar of Shahapur police station. "It appears that these leaps are inspired by the jump in the movie 'Baahubali'," he added.