Beyonce and the Instagram that gained 5m likes | 2017-07-15 |

Beyonce and the Instagram that gained 5m likes

The Guardian     15th July, 2017 02:12:43 printer

Beyonce and the Instagram that gained 5m likes

Beyonce has released the first photo of her newborn twins, choosing – as per – a Botticelli-inspired, floral-heavy photograph for Instagram. It’s a hyper-stylised image, and one that will likely break the internet


Like every mother who has just given birth, Beyonce is finding it tough to get dressed and leave the house. You know what it’s like: you’ve been wearing your dressing gown for days and the furthest you have been in a month is the front steps while you’re breastfeeding to have a deranged chat with a slightly alarmed delivery man. We’ve all been there, Bey! And so, for the long-awaited photo of her with her newborn twins, which she has at last gifted the world, Beyonce is wearing an open robe and standing in what indeed looks like her back garden. Just keepin’ it real.

But because Beyonce is also currently on a mission to make Liberace look understated, the floral ruffled jacket she is wearing – by Palomo Spain – looks like it costs at least four figures, her knickers three figures easy, and the garden is part of the house in Malibu she and her family are renting and which is never mentioned without the detail that the rent is $400,000 (£308,000) a month. Just keepin’ it real.


More specifically, Beyonce, in one deft Beyonce-sized kick, has managed in this photo to raise the celebrity bar for both celebrity birth announcements and celebrity babynames-that-make-you-go-hmmm. As with the photo in which she first revealed her pregnancy (11m likes on Instagram and still rising), this photo (over 5m likes in the first six hours and rapidly rising) was taken by 28-year old-Awol Erizku who worked for a time under David LaChappelle, a photographer whose love of celebrity is only equalled by his belief that more is never enough. Also, as with the birth announcement photo, Beyonce is wearing a veil, as though giving birth to twins was so effortless for her she didn’t even disturb her hair accessories. And it probably was! They probably just slipped out of her like two little buttered eels and she immediately went back to picking out Gucci outfits and kicking ass.


Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, have always maintained a tight control over their image, and their sudden conversion to sharing the most intimate details of their relationship, from his infidelities to their newborn twins, has surprised some. After all, this is the couple who released only one – one! - photo of their wedding, and in today’s celebrity world that makes you pretty much Thomas Pynchon. But in truth, they’re being the same as they always have been, in that they maintain an impossibly tight control over their own image, releasing their own carefully styled photos. Unlike the Clooneys, who are being followed around Italy at the moment with their newborn twins, there is no photo of the Knowles family that reaches the world without their express permission.


Most pleasing of all is the suggestion, from the pose and styling, that she is simultaneously Botticelli’s Venus and the Virgin Mary, but better than the latter because she is holding not one but two babies: the memorably named Rumi and Sir Carter. Has Beyonce given birth to two messiahs? Look at the photo, people. Images don’t lie.