Sonakshi Sinha turns 30 | 2017-06-02 |

Sonakshi Sinha turns 30

Sun Online Desk     2nd June, 2017 11:52:09 printer

Sonakshi Sinha turns 30


At a time when the film industry is obsessed with female actors with the perfect slim figure, Sonakshi Sinha managed to break the stereotype. The art of acting is not always about featuring an actor who is slim and trim, and this is where Sonakshi really takes a stand. She is undoubtedly one of the most daring women in Bollywood. She knows how to shun trolls and people who fat shame her, she prefers not to get into an ugly fight with another public figure, rather chooses to stay dignified in public space. She blocks trolls because we know how annoying they can get when you encounter them.


During her days in Bollywood industry, she had faced days when she was successful and also encountered days when her films failed to thrive at the box office, but that did not stop her from accepting challenges and trying harder. As she turns 30 today, here are 10 moments when she proved that she is a woman of substance and no amount of shaming can really bring her down.


Time and again Sonakshi Sinha has stood as an example that one does not need to have a  size zero or take off her clothes to survive in the glamorous industry. Sometimes it is really about confidence and having faith in yourself as an actor.