Reporter 'unintentionally' gropes woman on live TV, gets slapped (Video) | 2017-05-18 |

Reporter 'unintentionally' gropes woman on live TV, gets slapped (Video)

Sun Online Desk     18th May, 2017 12:13:39 printer

Reporter 'unintentionally' gropes woman on live TV, gets slapped (Video)

A television presenter copped a slap after appearing to grope a woman’s breast live on air.


BBC journalist Ben Brown was halfway through an interview with the British news network’s assistant political editor Norman Smith on May 16 when the incident occurred.

In the mid of interview, a grinning woman entered the shot and stood beside him. She gave a thumbs up and mouthed, "absolutely fantastic". But what happened next was far from fantastic.


As he apparently tried to move her out of the frame, the journalist's hand landed, er... where it shouldn't have. The shocked woman retreated but not without a good whack on Mr Brown's shoulder.


The video of the incident went viral quickly forcing Ben Brown to address it on Twitter.


 On Twitter many criticised the reporter for pushing away the woman. Few defended him saying it could have been unintentional.


The journalists were discussing Labour Party's manifesto launch when the incident happened. The woman walked out of the frame right after the incident and the two continued their discussion.


Source: NDTV