Bengal Meat brings Keema Masala and Chicken Curry | 2017-05-10 |

Bengal Meat brings Keema Masala and Chicken Curry

Press release     10th May, 2017 06:58:33 printer

Bengal Meat brings Keema Masala and Chicken Curry

With a promise of more cooking convenience and time for family, Elita Karim, Chef Daniel, President of Niketan Housing Society launched Keema Masala and Chicken Curry of Bengal Meat at the Grand Launch of their 35th retail point in Gulshan – 1.

Keema Masala and Chicken Curry launched with a promise of more convenience and more time for family reducing cooking hassles. Keema Masala will be available in chicken and beef while the Chicken Curry is made from tender boneless chicken meat. With marinated Keema Masala anyone can easily prepare kabab, tikia, meatball, meatloaf, various stuffing, pasta, lasagna, spaghetti, and many more dishes with spark of culinary twist. The marinated Chicken Curry are made from bite sized boneless tender chicken meat that can be easily prepared and served to any member of a family from kids to grandparent.


The three new products were launched at the Grand Opening of Bengal Meat’s Gourmet Butcher and 34th retail point in Gulshan-1. Prominent singer and actress Elita Karim, celebrity Chef Daniel Gomes, President of Niketon Housing Society, Executive Chef of Bengal Meat have jointly launched these marinated products. These items will be available to upcoming Dhanmondi-27 outlet, and other retail points of Bengal meat