BNP moving towards forming govt: Dudu | 2017-04-21 |

BNP moving towards forming govt: Dudu

UNB     21st April, 2017 06:21:02 printer

BNP moving towards forming govt: Dudu

BNP vice chairman Shamsuzzaman Dudu on Friday said their party is moving towards forming the government by next one year or one and a half years.


“BNP is heading towards power-- step by step. It’s the reality that BNP and 20-party alliance will form the government by next one year or one and half years while Awami League and 14-party alliance will be there in the opposition bench [in parliament],” he said.


The BNP leader came up with the comment while speaking at a human chain programme arranged by Swadhinata Odhikar Andolan in front of the Jatiya Press Club.


He alleged that Awami League is dreaming of holding a January 5-like unilateral election. “But, their dream will turn into a nightmare.”


“Awami League leaders often say they’ve taken the country to the peak of progress. If this is the case, why does the ruling party fear a fair and acceptable election?” Dudu questioned.


Describing BNP as an election-oriented party, he said their party wants to return to power through a credible election, not by any other means. 


The BNP leader alleged that people have a doubt that the Prime Minister signed deals and MoUs with India during her recent tour sacrificing the country’s interests.


He called upon the government to make public the deals and MoUs to dispel public apprehension in this regard.


Dudu criticised the government for what he said not standing beside flashflood victims in the country’s haor areas.