Govt trying to prove emergence of militancy, alleges BNP | 2017-03-20 |

Govt trying to prove emergence of militancy, alleges BNP

Sun Online Desk     20th March, 2017 07:38:40 printer

Govt trying to prove emergence of militancy, alleges BNP

Seeking explanation of the death of suspected militant Hanif Mridha in RAB custody, BNP on Monday aired a suspicion that government is intend to prove the emergence of militancy in the country.


BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir raised the doubts alleging that law enforcers are killing some youths after taking them into custody and branded them as militants, UNB reports.


“Many youths are now being killed suspecting their involvement in militant acts, and the law enforcers and their family members are making conflicting statements about the incidents. Families are claiming the youths were picked up three to six months back, creating suspicion in public mind,” Mirza Fakhrul told a discussion.


National People’s Party (NPP), one of the components of the BNP-led 20-party alliance, arranged the programme at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity (DRU).


Mentioning that claims of the victims’ family members and law enforcers are contradictory, BNP leader said according to the RAB, Hanif was arrested near its Ashkona under-construction headquarters after a bomb blast and he died following his chest pain complaint. But his family members are saying RAB picked him up on February 27 from Kanchpur area. They also said he was taken back home a few days after his detention and forced to sign a cheque for Tk 6.70 lakh.”


Mirza Fakhrul demanded an explanation from the Home Minister to know which claim is correct.


“We demand a clear explanation from the Home Minister to know which one is correct -- RAB’s explanation or family’s version. You must investigate the incident and make the fact public,” Fakhrul told.


Fakhrul further said, “If the family member’s allegations come out true, we can think the youths are being picked up as part of a deep-rooted conspiracy and then killed identifying them as militants. Whether the youths are being used to prove the existence of militancy? Now it’s a serious question.”


The BNP leader also voiced concern that a new policy has been introduced that there will be no accountability if anyone is picked up by law enforcers from any place anytime and then killed branding him or her as a militant.


He alleged that the government has indulged in a dangerous game of using militancy issue to make its political gain.


“We’re worried about its consequences. The USA and other countries have started indentifying Bangladesh as a militant country,” Fakhrul continied.


Mentioning militancy is a dangerous menace for the country, Fakhrul said their party has long been calling for forging a national unity together with all parties to eliminate it.


He said the government did not respond to their call as it is not sincere to curb militancy and unearth the mystery behind the militant acts.


“We would like to urge the government you please don’t play with the militancy issue. Carry out fair and neutral investigations into the militant acts and find out the real reason for its emergence to solve the problem,” the BNP leader said.


He also called upon the government to take proper steps for tackling militancy with united efforts.