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Two books of Dr. Atiur Rahman

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Two books of Dr. Atiur Rahman

Anyaprokash has released a book called ‘Bune Gelam Ashar Swapon: Governor Dinilipi’ of Dr. Atiur Rahman, Former Governor, Bangladesh Bank. The book reflects his visions and inspiring words regarding financial inclusion, SME banking, green financing etc. The ex-governor did not limit his role in developing policy and monitoring financial system. Instead he promoted different approaches of modern banking in rural areas of Bangladesh and in the international domain as well. He encouraged bankers to become socially responsible and conduct humane banking. He also shared his thoughts on amazing macro-economic transformation of Bangladesh off and on. Besides, in this book Dr. Rahman also revealed important information regarding heinous cyber attack at Bangladesh Bank.  

Another book titled ‘Tagore’s Thoughts on Peasantry’ is actually a translation of Dr. Atiur Rahman’s original Bangla book ‘Rabindranath: Krishi Bhabna (published by Moudhyarno)’. The Bangla book has been translated by eminent actor Khairul Alam Sabuj. This English version has been published by Pathak Shamabesh. The book covers the thoughts and actions of Rabindranath Tagore on the peasantry.

Tagore was also a ‘Zaminder’ (land lord) in the then East Bengal. He was deeply pained by the deprivations of his tenants. So, he started a number of innovative measures to uplift them from their deprivations and helplessness. In addition to organising them in groups and cooperatives for better education and health, he started providing the tenant farmers new knowledge, farm loans, seeds and machines.