Winners of "Closeup Kache Ashar Offline Golpo” awarded | 2017-03-10 |

Winners of "Closeup Kache Ashar Offline Golpo” awarded

Sun Online Desk     10th March, 2017 01:46:46 printer

Winners of

The top 3 winners of “Closeup Kache Ashar Offline Golpo” were handed over winning prizes at Unilever Bangladesh Limited office by popular celebrities Sabila and Siam.


The winners of Closeup Bangladesh’s popular campaign ‘Closeup Kache Ashar Offline Golpo’ 2017 are Toriqul Islam Topu, Atia Anuli and Mansoor Ahmed.


The event was attended by Closeup Bangladesh Brand Manager along with other high officials of Unilever Bangladesh Limited.


The campaign started on 1st January 2017 by asking for story submissions for offline love stories. From very beginning, the competition created a lot of excitement among all.


The stories were chosen out of thousands of entries, which was the highest from all previous campaigns.


All the 3 dramas became instant sensations and popularity, proved by the numerous likes and comments on Closeup Bangladesh’s Facebook page.


The dramas received millions of views in YouTube, and broke the record of highest views within the first 10 days.


The huge numbers of viewers of the dramas have again proved how popular the campaign “Closeup Kache Ashar Offline Golpo” is.


Viewers, who could not catch the dramas on TV or wish to repeat, can enjoy the dramas online on Closeup Bangladesh’s Youtube channel.