Sunny scalps 3 wickets conceding 0 runs! | 2016-11-10 |

Sunny scalps 3 wickets conceding 0 runs!

Sun Online Desk     10th November, 2016 10:26:56 printer

Sunny scalps 3 wickets conceding 0 runs!

Spiner Arafat Sunny has made a world record scalping 3 wickets conedening no runs in his 2.4 overs for his team Rangpur Riders against Khulna Titans in BPL match today.


In the day of a big win for Rangpur Riders, Arafat Sunny captured 3 wickets of Khulna Titans without conceding a single run. Sunny touched the world record of Dinuka Hettiaracchi of taking highest number of wickets without paying runs.


In 2007, Dinuka Hettiaracchi picked up 3 wickets delivering 5 balls without giving away any runs. Nine years after that, Arafat Sunny showed up the same skill in the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League.


Rangpur Riders defeating Khulna Titans with a big margin of nine wickets with 72 balls remaining in hand. Which is also a record of winning in biggest margin in BPL so far. This is their 2nd consecutive victory of nine wickets. Now the team is remaining on top of the point table with 4 points.


Earlier, the bowlers of Rangpur Riders forced Khulna Titans to be packed up only at 44, the lowest total of BPL history so far. The batsmen of Khulna managed to play only 10.4 overs under the venom of the spiners of Rangpur.