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"A Poem" by Munzarin Khan

Sun Online Desk     27th August, 2016 11:03:33 printer

There was once a girl named Ivy. She hardly talked. There was something odd about her. During “Parent and Teacher meeting day”, only her mom would come not her dad. When she was asked about her father’s whereabouts, she would just ignore the question.


Ivy was bullied a lot. She would hide in the library, when the bullying made her sad.  She wrote many poems because it was her only resource of relief from the harsh reality. It was her dream to be a poet.


The school year was coming to an end. It was Ivy’s least favorite school day, ”Parent and Teacher meeting day”.A student asked where her dad was, she ignored him and told the class that she was going to recite a poem.


     ‘’My father’’


‘’My father was a happy man, never mad.


Did I ever tell you he was a fireman?


He saved lives and helped the poor.


This makes me love him more


He always made me happy.


By surprising me with white lilies.


He was a great dancer.


Too bad I could not see him because of his cancer.


Do not worry father you are never too far


Because, you’re always in my heart.’’


The whole class was silent. God knows what they felt. Was it sadness? Was it guilt? Was it pity? For a moment, they thought they could see her father. He gave her a white lily and vanished into thin air. 


The whole class who was amzed by this sight gave her a round of applause. She was very happy because she felt exempted.


The whole class learned something and that is to always value your loved ones because you never know when they might leave you.


Munzarin Khan, a 12-year-old student in Dhaka, writes about the evil effects of bullying and overcoming the trauma.