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A pilot's view of Bangladesh – in pictures

The Guardian     26th August, 2016 09:57:45 printer

A pilot's view of Bangladesh – in pictures

‘The Guardian’ a leading English News paper of the world, published a photo gallery on Friday in its Global focus under Global development professionals network with 14 unique photographs clicked by a Bangladeshi photographer.


Shamim Shorif Susom is a pilot and photographer from Bangladesh. As he travels he captures unique aerial views of his country, which he shares on his website---


Take a look of the beauties---

The image was taken over Kaliganga River, while going to Manikganj from Dhaka. The fishermen were collecting their catch from the net, and the wind created the ripples on the water.


A river, a few cattle, a man and his wife … This the story of Bangladesh, the most common photograph we witness: a family, living peace and harmony, built by trust and love, with care and blessings.


The shot was taken on the bank of Padma River in Bera, Pabna. It was evening, so I got the beautiful golden rays of the sun playing over the sandy texture of the riverbank. The lone boat reminded me of my childhood days when I used to ride a boat on the river.


The buffaloes were submerged in a swamp when I captured this shot. I was flying over Feni and suddenly noticed something on the ground that looked like the hair of Medusa from Greek mythology; it was the trail of a herd of buffaloes.


The boat in this lake was not anchored, so when the wind blew, the boat moved with it. Now, it has a long trail behind it and no destination – sounds a lot like my life!


These boats tied together created the shape of a beautiful lotus flower.


This photograph was taken in Aricha Ghat, where a couple of boats were transporting people from one side to another. I loved the chaos and the colour.


This small hut is located at the heart of a lake in Magura, full of algae. Everyday, fishermen come by boats, spend the day fishing on the hut, and then leave. Their trail remains in the water and the hut looks like the centre of a web.


The Sirajganj and Bogra region is famous for red chillies. Mile after mile, they produce and process the finest spice in Bangladesh. Being a boy from Bogra, I always wanted to shoot this vast red beauty from the top. I got the opportunity when I was flying on the banks of Jamuna, in Sirajganj.


Shrimp cultivation is getting more popular in Bangladesh. Nowadays, we see a lot of shrimp farms across the country. I spotted the circular nets, locally known as gher in Mohammadpur, Magura. I was amazed to see the vast blue circles.


This was somewhere over Meghna river, most probably over Narshingdi. I was looking for a shot when I noticed the boat splitting the waves and heading strong like an arrow. I was smiling while pressing the shutter – this is one of my favourite pictures.


Daulatdia is a famous and happening spot in Bangladesh. The ghat that never sleeps: workers, trucks, bazaars, a brothel – it’s a mix of life. But there is an ignored industry there – the workshops of boat-making. Being a riverine country, boats do play a vital role in our transportation system. And I could not miss a chance to capture it.


Bangladesh is a marshy land, full of swamps, canals and rivers. The rainy season comes here with the blessing of fishing. I noticed the duo when I was flying over Narail. They reminded me of my childhood: sweet days of angling and fishing on ponds.


The day I flew for the first time, I wanted to share this beauty with the whole world. And the day I saw rainfall from the sky, I was lost for words. I always wanted to share this amazing experience with the people. Finally I got the opportunity when I flew over Bandarban, and noticed it was raining in front, along with the sun playing with the clouds.