Tongi, safe haven for grabber | 2016-06-19 |

Tongi, safe haven for grabber

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Tongi, safe haven for grabber

Tongi of Gazipur becomes a safe haven for grabber. Lanes, highways, government ponds, government lands, drains, footpaths and foot over bridges everything has been occupied in Tongi by influential. Even, the land office could not obviate from the grabber. The Tongi Gas Control and Supply Centre of Gazipur now at stake as it have also been encircled with illegal establishment. But it is matter of regret that, the Gazipur City Corporation did not take any initiatives to recover these occupied lands.


According to Tongi Land Office, there are 357.6 acres of demesne in Tongi. As it is in the purview of Gazipur City Corporation area so there has no system of settlement to this land. For long time, these lands are being occupied by illegal encroachers.


For example, Tongi Tahsil Office has build on 2.26 acres of land in 1922 but now it has only 1.19 acres of its own. Rest lands are being occupied by grabber in various times. But the authority did not take any initiative to reclaim the occupied land.


The source also said, there are 25 demesne ponds in Tongi on 21.59 acres of land. The ponds are now in the brim of extinction because of illegal encroachment. With the connivance of influential and land officials the land has long been occupied.


Hundreds of illegal establishment has been built on both side of Cherag Ali Market, Tista Ghate and Fisonce road. In the last caretaker government tenure, the establishment was been demolished but it return in the same place after some time. More than five thousand tin shed houses have been built besides the Eastern Regal Industries, west side of National Tubes, Sonali Tobacco road, Drug International road and in adjacent areas of Tongi Power Development board.


Garments Jhut traders Bulbul, Jasim Uddin and Anwer said, they are running their business by paying advance payment to the owner of the illegal occupant. The labour leaders of various large industries have built the illegal settlement. The political leaders also get the share from the collected money.


Illegal establishment has also build on the most of the derange line of Tongi hampering the smooth sanitation system.


Even, a Pushcart market being built on the promises of City Corporation (Tongi) office which creates long congestion on the road throughout the day.


In recent time, these illegal establishments has evicted for some days. But no political government had taken strong action against this occupant.


Chairman of Tongi Moon-Light industries said, most of the outer part of my factory being encroached. I have applied several times to district administration, thana, city corporation to remove those illegal establishment but no avail.


Chief Executive officer of Gazipur City Corporation (Tongi )  Kabir Al Asad said, it requires time to evict those illegal settlements. We will start evict drive soon.


Source: Kaler Kantho