Humayun Ahmed’s “Devi” to be filmed in government sponsor | 2016-06-17 |

Humayun Ahmed’s “Devi” to be filmed in government sponsor

Sun Online Desk     17th June, 2016 05:48:01 printer

Humayun Ahmed’s “Devi” to be filmed in government sponsor

Devi, a famous novel of celebrated writer Humayun Ahmed is now going to take place in big screen. People will now be able to enjoy it in new way.


In the meantime, the movie has gained the government fund along with more six movies. Maksud Hossain writes the script for this movie.


The government has decided to funded seven movie in 2015-2016 fiscal year. Devi is one of them which achieve the important government fund. On July 14, the government announced the name of the seven films which is going to be get the government sponsor.


Popular actress Joya Ahsan move for the government sponsor in favour of this film. There has a rumor in this connection but Jaya trying to say in many ways that she is not going to give direction to  this movie in spite of his mane floated up in government notification as director and producer. Even she is not going to perform in this film as artist.


On the other hand, Ankhi O Tar Bondura of Jafar Iqbal, Shankhodhoni of Morsedul Islam, Gohin Baluchar of Kamar Ahmad Symon, Briddasrom of Badrul Anam Soud, Sabitri of Swapan Chowdhury, Sabitri of  Pantho Prosad and Baddobhumitay Akdin of Kawser Chowdhury also gains government fund for the fiscal 2015-1016.


Source: Bangladesh Pratidin