Reserve crosses $29 billion | 2016-06-10 |

Reserve crosses $29 billion

BSS     10th June, 2016 09:53:38 printer

Reserve crosses $29 billion

The foreign exchange reserves have crossed US$29 billion, the central bank's sources said on Friday.


"The amount stood at $29.24 billion yesterday," BSS reports quoting Subhankar Saha, chief spokesperson of Bangladesh Bank.


Saha, also executive director of the bank, said the condition of reserves were satisfactory for the last few years due to increase in export income and decrease in imports.


He said, "We were near $29 billion for a long period. As the inflow of regular transaction has raised so that we have crossed the amount."


The foreign currency reserves had crossed that amount for the first time on last April. The amount was about $29.1 billion, according to BB statistics.