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DU cafeterias: cheapest rate, highest pleasure

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DU cafeterias: cheapest rate, highest pleasure

Can you Imagine adda in campus without munchies, or cups of hot tea?  Quite impossible! It’s the cafeteria where you could get all of them at a time and where students get the chance to unite with people of assorted thinking and can share views and ideas. The University of Dhaka being the leading public university of the country offers a number of refectories to satisfy the hungry palates of its huge number of students at the cheapest possible rate. So if you want to delve into the world of delicacies and not suffer from the anguishes of emptying out your wallets, DU campus can be a haven for you.


As DU campus is the home to the thousands of its resident students, a large number of students depend on these cafeterias for their everyday meals and their life rotates around some renowned eateries.


Madhur Canteen



Now-a-days, people are too busy to raise a storm over cups of tea and have adda for a long time. But there has a place which still serves food and tea like any other canteen where students sit in rows, chatting and possibly planning their future. Did you recognize the place? I am talking about Madhur Canteen, the birthplaces of great revolutions of Bangladesh named after Madhu Sudan Dey.  Every morning students came to the canteen to meet and have a breakfast of bread, butter and omelettes, with rounds of tea.

In Madhur Canteen, there were five big tables that could accommodate around 50 people.

It opens around 8:30 am and remains open until 10pm. It is still a place with a retro ambience, where you can enjoy a plate of mishti for Tk25 (5 pieces), four slices of bread with butter for only Tk12. Madhur Canteen did not have any rice items.

Arun Kumar, Madhu’s son and the current director of Madhur Canteen now operating the canteen.


DUCSU cafeteria


Now a day, if you offer one taka note to a beggar, could you imagine what would be the reaction from him? But you would become astonished to hear that there has a place in Bangladesh where you can get a cup of hot tea by only one taka. I am talking about DUCSU cafeteria where they will serve you a cup of tea with a slice of lemon for only one taka. Can you believe it? Believe it or not you can also get other snacks including singara, samucha and potato chup for 2-3 taka each.

Along with snacks items it also offer lunch and supper for the students with a menu that includes rice, dal and meat curries. The menu can also vary in weekdays including feasts like Khichuri, Pulao and vegetables. You have to pay 20 taka for regular menu and 30 taka for special item.


IBA canteen


IBA canteen, located near the historical Madhur canteen is now most popular eateries in Dhaka University.  Although, the canteen is not renowned for its historical background but popular for its delicious foods. It is one of the most preferred places to have breakfast for the DU. Student who attend classes in early morning usually take their breakfast at IBA canteen as the parata and bhaji found here are really scrumptious. Students can also get lunch and dinner in these cafeterias. It is the only canteen in Dhaka University which is relatively clean and hygienic. The price is also comparatively high here as this canteen does not enjoy the subsidy facility from university authority.


TSC cafeteria


If you visit TSC cafeteria around 12 am, you will find that hundreds of students already queuing for lunch but still one hour to go to start serving. The place has seating arrangement for 100 persons at a time. After getting bored by taking meal in hall canteen for years, students come here to take special test. Along with snacks items TSC cafeteria offer lunch and supper for the students with a menu that includes rice, dal and meat curries. You have to choose the set Manu in TSC cafeteria. People gather there in group and take their meal without any hustle bustle. If you are in late then you have to wait for 30 minutes. The menu can also vary in weekdays including feasts like Khichuri, Pulao and vegetables.

The food is found satisfactory with the quality of food, however has complains about quantity. Where every hall canteen offer you an unlimited rice and dal but here you have to pay for each plate of rice.


Science faculty cafeteria


Science faculty cafeteria is quite different from other eateries of Dhaka University. It is not gathering place like other canteens situated in DU area. Science faculty cafeteria offer lunch and supper for the students with a menu that includes rice, dal, vegetables, bhorta and meat curries. The menu can also vary in weekdays including feasts like Khichuri, Pulao and vegetables. The Science Faculty Cafeteria also serves food at the same economical rates like the DUCSU cafeteria. These cafeterias serve light refreshments like singara, samaosa, nimki as well as lunch and supper with different menus on different days of the week.


Campus Shadow


Campus Shadow, located near art building is a famous destination for the DU students to enjoy a light moment. Relishing hot tea with singara, samuch or chicken patties, many students enjoy chatting with friends during their free times in Campus Shadow after classes.  But the only problem is that you have to choose from only a little variety of snacks. You could not get Burgers and Pizza from here. But you have an opportunity to finish your Tiffin by costing only 15 taka.


DUCH café


Are you craving for lachi, roll, burger or other snacks? No tension, visit the historic place “DUCH”, the central café of the university, just back of “Shuparjito Shadinota” (earned freedom) statue. It is the only cafeteria which offers such types of fast food for you. You have to pay first to take anything from this cafe. The price is comparatively high here.


The makeshift stalls


There are numbers of makeshift stalls in Dhaka Univeristy which are also popular to the students along with visitors. Makeshift stalls includes  the premises of DU central library, Hakim Chattar, Milon Chattor and some others places are  famous for serving mouth watering delicacies like chatpati, fuchka, pitha, vegetable pakora, mushroom pakora and fruit juice. Mushrum pakora is one of the most popular items in these stalls. They have an arrangement of lunch items which includes vegetable khichury and meat khichury. The price varies from 25-35 taka.  In evening, hundreds of people thronged these places to take the test of pakora with tea.