Ghetu Putro Mamun now in ‘Nishiddho Premer Golpo’ | 2016-03-20 |

Ghetu Putro Mamun now in ‘Nishiddho Premer Golpo’

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Ghetu Putro Mamun now in ‘Nishiddho Premer Golpo’

Actor Mamun. (Photo credit: Bappy)

Mamun stepped into the screen with a drama produced by mobile phone operator Airtel. Then he drew a widespread attention through his role ‘Ghetu Putro’ in the movie ‘Ghetu Putro Komola’, a film produced and directed by noted literature and film-maker Humayun Ahmed.


Now he is not a child and a student of class ten. Though he took a long gap after the film ‘Ghetu Putro Komola’, he is confident enough to come back strongly with his new film ‘Nishiddho Premer Golpo’.


At present, Mamun is busy with the final phase shooting of the film ‘Nishiddho Premer Galpo’, directed by Rubel Siddique Anush.


Mamun and Shimla in a scene on the film ‘Nishiddho Premer Galpo’


The story vividly portrays the difficulties of love and romance of an adolescent boy and the ordeals he had overcome.


In the film, popular actress Shimla shared her screen with Mamun.