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Arif Ahmed On Glamour Photography

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     5 October, 2015 12:00 AM printer

Arif Ahmed On Glamour Photography



Arif Ahmed is one of the most celebrated photographers of this time. He is always exploring new dimensions and experimenting. Groove spoke to him to know more about fashion photography and his recent works.




The Beginning


Arif Ahmed began his career about 7 years ago. However his journey in the world of photography extends further. Student of renowned photographer Chanchal Mahmood, Arif Ahmed never stopped learning and consequently, his passion for photography has taken him to new heights. He has also started exploring new aspects and possibilities of outdoor fashion photography. For Arif, photography is like art and each medium is a canvas where he paints new moments with his deep artistic mind.


Challenges of Outdoor Photography


Outdoor photography is quite challenging," said Arif. "The weather is always unpredictable. The backgrounds usually need to be recreated. It may be a cloudy day, or there may be too much light. Despite it all- when we finally get those clicks and see the result, it feels exhilarating.





Current Status of Glamour/Fashion Photography


I believe it’s really good. There are so many new photographers in Bangladesh now. There are so many new models. There are also much more opportunities. Of course, there are some good and bad sides even. But I mostly see good works all around.





The Changes in Fashion Photography


A lot has changed. When I started, there were only a few photographers but now there are so many. Back then, there were black and white backgrounds only. But now, there are versatile backgrounds. The experience of working with light and shade has also changed. Most importantly, fashion photography has got attention all over! There is a huge fan base now because of the social networking sites. I myself get to interact with many through my Facebook page ‘Arif Ahmed Photography’ and I receive instant feedback whenever I upload my recent works.






Photography is a challenging profession. You have to love what you do. You should be passionate about your work and must be dedicated. And I believe that you need to balance between your personal and professional life to progress well.