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Do You Know ?

    13 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

•    Salt water, commonly known as brine, is sometimes used as a food preservative and refrigerant. Medieval peoples discovered that brine absorbs heat as it evaporates, and placed containers in brine to keep them cool. In America, meatpacking got its name in the 18th century because workers packed meat into brine barrels.

•    Albert Einstein is the co-inventor of a refrigerator. He and his former student Leo Szilard received a patent for it in 1930. Coolants used at the time could be toxic, and Einstein got the idea for a simple, single-pressure absorption refrigerator when he read about a sleeping family killed by leaking refrigerator coolant.

•    A crisper is a refrigerator drawer or compartment used to keep vegetables and fruit fresh and “crisp” (thus the name). Crispers work by maintaining humidity levels suitable for fresh vegetables and fruit.

•    Louise J. Greenfarb of Henderson, Nevada, has over 32,000 different refrigerator magnets. She is appropriately known as “The Magnet Lady.”

•    In order to receive the ENERGY STAR rating, refrigerators must use at least 15% less energy than required by current federal standards (with freezers, it’s 10%). Compact ENERGY STAR refrigerators (those with volume of 7.75 cubic feet or less) must use 20% less energy than standard models.

•    In 2004, Olaf Diegel, a diabetic, invented a pocket-sized refrigerator for carrying insulin on trips.

     •    In 2007, Duke University engineering graduate John Cornwell invented a mini fridge with a remote-controlled beer can extractor and catapult.