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Palmyra: The Nutritional Benefits

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Palmyra: The Nutritional Benefits

The Palmyra palm, also known as sugar palm tree or the toddy palm, is a popular fruit around the country-side of Bangladesh. During this time of the year, village housewives prepare different types of food items using palm juice. Moreover, green palmyra also lures the youths most. Both the ripened and green palmyra fruits have huge demand among the people. The fruit is often used as a natural coolant and often recommended in the hot, summer months. Besides its tempting taste the fruit contains a large number of health benefits. So here are some health benefits of palmyra fruit:  

To maintain diet: We have to keep our diet, because diet determines weight. Palmyra fruit has 93% water content. Then there is the gelatin that is able to give a sense of fullness after eating it. This makes your appetite controlled.

Oral rehydration solution: Palmyra is an excellent substitute for making oral rehydration solution, which is used for the maintenance of the electrolyte balance within the body cells. Oral rehydration solution is very useful for people suffering from vomiting and diarrhea.

Treating arthritis: Arthritis makes us uncomfortable. If you often feel pain and get accustomed to taking drugs, you need to try these natural things. Consume 100 grams of this fruit per day without water, sugar or coloring. Slowly it can heal arthritis.



Prevention of diabetes: Due to the low Glycemic index of palm sugar, it is a healthy substitute for artificial sugar that helps to prevent the onset of diabetes. Palm sugar consumption has been reported not to cause a sudden spike in the blood sugar levels. However, diabetes patients should consider consuming palm sugar at a very low level.

A cure to digestive problems: The palm fruit contains a lot of fiber. So, if you have problem with digestive system such as constipation, then you can try to consume palmyra fruit 5 to 10 grains per day. Then you can avoid constipation as well as other digestive disorders.

Kid’s development: Studies reveal that the palm sugar is made of high nutritive value that makes it suitable for promoting the development and growth of youngsters.

Ayurvedic qualities: Palm sugar is therapeutically valuable and is very vital for making herbal medicines. Herbal medicines produced with palm sugar is used for treating typhoid, bad breathe, cold, anaemia, cough, high blood pressure, leprosy and asthma.

Finally, if you are interested in eating palmyra fruit, keep the following things in mind: (i) make sure you buy the fruit during the season and always pick fresh, clean fruit and eat it within a day as it perishes easily and (ii) remember that moderation is the key to healthy living. Do include other seasonal fruits in your diet.