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Virtues Of Exfoliating Skin

Magazine Desk     10 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Virtues Of Exfoliating Skin

Exfoliating often doesn't quite qualify as being that important in a lot of people’s skincare routines. However, it's just as important as cleansing and moisturizing as there is so much to gain from doing so. Exfoliating is similar to metamorphosis. You shed old skin to become a brighter version of yourself.


Gives Healthy, Glowing Skin

When applying makeup over dead skin, the surface is un-even. As a result, your skin can appear to be flaky and patchy and even feel rough in texture. By gently exfoliating dry skin cells, the skin will appear to feel smoother and look refreshed as the cells are newer. This will also improve the tone of your skin.



Minimizes Pores

Pores are openings in the skin in which hair follicles grow. Similar to small holes, when there is a build-up of dirt and dead skin, the pore will expand to accommodate for the increase. As a result, this makes your pores larger and more visible to the eye. Exfoliating removes the dirt in the pores and consequently minimizes them.


Reduces Breakout And Acne

Exfoliating is an essential way to manage breakouts and acne. Many of us recognize the importance of cleansing our skin but under-estimate the power of exfoliating. A deep exfoliation will help to un-clog your pores from excess oil which can lead to breakouts. Therefore, if the excess oil and dirt is removed from the root of the cause, the amount of breakouts will most likely reduce. It is important to consider that breakouts and acne are not only caused by external factors such as makeup and dirt. There are a number of internal factors which can cause such problems. For example, hormonal imbalances are often directly linked to the health of your skin. Stress and a bad diet are other factors which can lead to an increase in spots.



Hides Wrinkles

Unfortunately, when you place makeup over dead skin cells, the makeup will not just miraculously blend into the skin’s surface. It will sit on top. We call this the ‘layering effect’. As a result, all fine lines will be magnified. By removing the dead cells, wrinkles are less-exaggerated. Ultimately, exfoliating fights aging -or at least it hides it!


Allows Absorption Of Other Products

This may not seem important whereas it is actually crucial. Without it, all of the other steps in your skincare routine will not be as effective. If the pores are blocked, all of the other skincare products that you use won’t be able to successfully penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. By removing dirt, a rich moisturizer can provide the depths of your skin with the best nourishment.

If you have never exfoliated, perhaps now is a great time to start. You could opt for natural exfoliators or get one from the store that suits your skin.