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Picking The Perfect Umbrella

Rajib Kanti Roy     9 July, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Picking The Perfect Umbrella

No matter whether you will take a rickshaw, ride a bus or ask a ride-sharing service to reach your work place, owning a reliable umbrella is a basic necessity during the rainy season.


Torrential downfall can come out of seemingly nowhere, so you should store a sturdy yet stylish umbrella in your bag to save your dress and shoes from any dreaded rain damage. But choosing a right umbrella is never easy at all. You have to concentrate on some certain aspects of umbrellas before buying one. Keeping that in mind, we are here to help you out:


General Tips

First thing is first. Consider what sort of brolly you have in the market. The main decisions for purchasing are whether you want a walking length or folding umbrella, automatic or manual opening mechanism, and the size of the open canopy. The rest then comes down to personal aesthetic preferences such as fabric design, crook or straight handles, and handle material and finishes. Whatever you do, steer clear of cheap lightweight folding umbrellas, whether steel or aluminum. They tend to be made from lower quality frame and fabric materials, and have very little wind resistance and durability.


All About The Frame

If you are after a portable option that won’t self-implode within 10 seconds of exposure to the elements, there are a few things to keep in mind – including the number of sections in the umbrella’s frame (which basically means how many times the shaft and ribs fold down when the umbrella is closed). Aluminum frames are 40 per cent lighter than steel, so they make for a good lightweight option, but they are also more fragile.



Flexibility is the key for wind resistance, so opt for brollies with fibre glass ribs for a stronger frame that’s less likely to blow inside out. These allow the umbrella to flex with the wind and will put an end to the days of misshapen umbrella canopies, where the ribs have bent and can never be reshaped without completely snapping them in two. Fibreglass and carbon-fibre golf umbrellas are ideal if you’re likely to be out in a storm.


Design And Colour

Practical they may be, but the humble umbrella can be a stylish accessory too, provided you pick the right one. That’s to say that even though you might be an ardent fan of pink tartan, some patterns and colours work better as a pocket square than a swathe of material hovering above your head. Instead, opt for a classic style and neutral colour. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring – pagoda-shaped, square-shaped and check-patterned umbrellas are all in, and the dome is going nowhere either. Just don’t go overboard.

Umbrellas are absolutely one of the most elegant and traditional accessories. Though both men and women use this traditional tool to save them from excessive heat of sun and monsoon season’s rain, but once it was a kind of taboo that men can’t use stylish umbrella as it goes more with women’s fashion statement. However, gradually men have come out from the stereotype. If you don’t own a well-made umbrella, this is one accessory you may want to consider investing in.