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Make Up: What Comes First

Magazine Desk     9 July, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Make Up: What Comes First

Does your bronzer mysteriously disappear during the day, your eye shadow end up getting closer to your eyebrows in such a way that your lids and your mascara leave flecks on your skin? You could be applying your make-up in the wrong order. Here is a guide to get rid of these problems:


Primer First

This is an obvious one but it’s not just limited to your general complexion. Eye primers and yes, lip primers exist if you want the perfect base. Primer makes foundation glide on more easily and helps control issues like redness and pore size, so that foundation doesn’t have to work as hard.


Foundation, Then Concealer

If you have a blemish, you’ll do better to conceal it properly once foundation is applied so that you can blend it in and leave foundation intact. Concealing work is inevitably going to be disturbing when foundation is applied over the top. Otherwise you waste product.



Bronzer, Then Blush

If you want to do bronzer alone, then just apply over foundation. But if you want the trifecta, do blush last. Bronzer works as a contouring device, so it should mimic the natural contours of your face. If it sits on top of your blush, it will look odd.


Eyebrows Next

It is recommended to dog your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or powder before applying your eye make-up so that you can use them as a guide. Always shape and fill in brows before doing eye make-up. A full, groomed brow frames the eye socket better and gives a clearer arch to work with when applying eye shadow and contouring eye. This also works if you make a mistake and darken eyebrows too heavily so you tone them down with make-up remover without worrying about ruining eye make-up.

Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Then Mascara

You want to do shadow first to build intensity, then liner to tidy lids and mascara at the very last because applying liner and shadow is easier with bare lashes and you’ll be able to see how much mascara you’ll need to compliment the liner and shadow.


Powder Comes At The End

This sets your make-up in place and will leave a layer of powder to absorb oils produced by your skin throughout the day. If you use a foundation powder, use a large powder brush and dust over forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.