Colourful Monsoon Collections @ Rang Bangladesh | 2018-07-09 |


Colourful Monsoon Collections @ Rang Bangladesh

    9 July, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Colourful Monsoon Collections @ Rang Bangladesh

While we all love the rain, monsoon can be a nightmare at times. It brings with it distressing heat, unbearable humidity and downpour of rain. Rang Bangladesh has focused on bringing comfort to fashion lovers this monsoon.

They have taken the three impediments into account and created collections for this season that are not only gorgeous but extremely relaxing. The collection includes sari, salwar kameez, fotua, punjabi, single kameez, t-shirt, fatua, etc. There are exciting dresses for kids such as frock, skirt, tops, shirt, punjabi, fatua, etc.

The collections have been predominantly designed with cotton fabric but other comfortable materials have also been used. Four colours have been emphasized mainly this time which are blue, ash, turquoise and white because they are so intricately connected to the rain, especially the first three ones.

The prices are also very reasonable. Exquisite jewelry, shoes, ladies’ purse, bed cover, pillow cover, table mat, etc. are also available at the outlets of this fashion house.